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Continuous Monitoring

JD Biggs & Associates can assist in implementing a continuous monitoring methodology based on a near real-time risk management strategy as defined in the Risk Management Framework.  In addition to security control assessments, vulnerability scanning, system and network monitoring, and other automated support, JD Biggs & Associates can help determine the security state of an information system.  JD Biggs & Associates Inc. can employ industry standard tools and provide assistance in updating critical documents in the authorization package.  The documents in the authorization package are considered “living documents” and updated accordingly based on actual events that may affect the security of the information system, including configuration management strategies.

FISMA (section 3544(b)(5))
Requires each agency to perform for all systems “periodic testing and evaluation of the effectiveness of information security policies, procedures, and practices, to be performed with a frequency depending on risk, but no less than annually.”  This include:

  • Performed Annually, System Owner Discretion, Significant Change
  • Security Control Assessment (SATC’s)
  • Vulnerability Scanning -Operating Systems –Databases - Web Applications

FISMA documents produced / updated from testing include:

  • Security Assessment Plan (SAP)
  • Rules of Engagement (ROE)
  • Vulnerability Assessment Report
  • Security Assessment Report Forms
  • Security Assessment Test Cases
  • Security Assessment Report (SAR)
  • Penetration Test Plan (PTP)
  • Penetration Test Report (PTR)
  • Document Risk Exposure
  • Document Risks Corrected During Testing
  • Document Risks with Mitigating Factors
  • Document Risks Remaining Due to Operational Requirements (OR)

RMF Monitor Tasks – (SP 800-37 Rev 2): 

M-1 System & Environment Changes - Monitor Evaluate and Document System & Environmental Changes.

M-2 Ongoing Assessments - Assess controls implemented and inherited by the system iaw the ConMon strategy.

M-3 Ongoing Risk Response - Respond to risk based on ConMon, risk assessments, and POA&M.

M-4 Authorization Package Updates - Frequency to update risk management information is at the discretion of SO, CCP, and AO.

M-5 Security & Privacy ReportingReport security and privacy posture to AO, organizational officials on an ongoing basis iaw ConMon strategy.

M-6 Ongoing AuthorizationReview the security and privacy posture of the system on an ongoing basis.

M-7 System Disposal - Develop and Implement Approved Decommissioning Strategy to Ensure

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